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It's a Love affair!

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

I didn't grow up in the kitchen. As a matter of fact I was too busy being a tomboy and running behind my brother and cousins to even care what was happening in there. Fast forward to today and it's hard to keep me out the kitchen, my kitchen, my Momma's kitchen, hell anybody's kitchen! I love to cook! I mean really love it.

My love affair with healthy food began as a child. I can remember when our family would go out to eat at a buffet restaurant, I would head straight for the salad bar, load my plate up with veggies, and add a little cottage cheese with peaches on the side. My Momma used to tell me, "Teena, you gotta eat more than just salad"! I chuckle when I think back on those times. I know now that I was destined to be a lover of plant based foods.

I got married when I was twenty years old (that's a whole story in and of itself) and began to venture into the world of cooking. I found early on that I enjoyed it. It was a way for me to get my creative juices flowing, and it became my meditation. Even back then I had a thing for all kinds of herbs and spices. I would invite my family over for dinner parties to test my new found skills, and recipes out on them. It was a hit!

In 2002 I read a book called Rastafari: A Way of Life and it changed my life forever! I began to learn about Ital food and eating food as nature intended for ultimate health and wellness. And in 2003, I made the transition into a plant based life! That year I also read a book (I love books like I love cooking) called God's Way To Ultimate Health, and this book got me into juicing and the concept of "living foods", another life changer! I knew I was on to something. I experimented on my own body to see how the food made me feel and how it affected my energy levels! During that time I did a lot of juicing and eating salads. The concept of gourmet living foods wasn't a thing, yet.

Fast forward to 2007. I had just returned from a life altering trip to Ethiopia, where my palate was bust wide open and my relationship with food and how it's grown was forever changed. When I returned to the states, I read a book called Ani's Raw Food Kitchen and began to go to town on some amazing raw food creations! I was never a "raw foodist", I like to keep a balance, however, I ate a very high percentage of raw/living foods. And by this time, I had been introduced to Indian food by my friends Aja and Navasha and began exploring the wonderful world of Thai cuisine. By the summer of 2010, I was living at my Grandfather's Orchard, growing my own food with my family and foraging wild mulberries on Amelia Island. My love for all things wild and local was set and I was hooked!

So now we come to the present moment, where Mystic Roots has been birthed from all of my experiences, and my flavor profiles influenced by my Gullah Geechee roots, international travels and love of herbs. I stand as a testament to what happens when you allow life to unfold in a natural and organic way. When you allow your passions in life to lead you. I've loved cooking for my family and friends since my early twenties and I feel honored that I've been able to share this passion with sooooooo many people. I have an intimate relationship with food, it's a serious love affair. With that being said, I am so excited to present to you the Mystic Roots Secret Supper Club. We invite you to slow down and enjoy the ritual of food. We will explore living foods, wild foods, locally grown fruits and vegetables all wrapped up into a 5 course meal that is sure to leave your taste buds dancing! Our first gathering is Saturday May 30th. Do join us here.

We look forward to serving you!

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