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The Call of the Wild

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

Have you ever felt like something was missing from your life? Or like there is a part of you that you've yet to discover, but you know she's in there. You can feel her bubbling to the surface ready to explode! Well, this was me over 10 years ago. Ready for a new way of being, a new way of seeing the world, ready for a new Teena.

In the spring of 2010, I began a new journey of self discovery. Some may look at my actions as being drastic, for me however, it was what my soul was longing for. I quit my job, bought a tent, and pitched it in the back of my Grandfather's house. Now, I must say that this was no ordinary backyard. You see my Grandfather, Carnell Benjamin, planted an orchard in his backyard many, many moons ago! And this orchard provided the sacred space that I needed to begin this journey of healing. Not only did I need this healing, the orchard needed a healing as well. After my Grandfather made his transition in 2007, the orchard was neglected and weeds had grown knee high throughout the yard. So it was only fitting that I was placed in this space to heal her and to be healed. Now you may be wondering, what does this have to do with the call of the wild? EVERYTHING, stay with me.......

I slept outside in my tent for a month. Sleeping so close to the earth at times I could feel her pulsating beneath me. It was as if she was drawing me in. I felt comforted. During this time I would take walks to the ocean every morning to catch the sunrise. I don't have to tell you what that did for my health. Let's just say that this pisces woman was in her element daily! And to top it all off, my "job" was to tend to the orchard, clean her up, pull up weeds and plant new seeds. I didn't do this alone, my cousins Jerry and Xavier, who had just returned from Ethiopia, were right there with me. It was a blessing to have them there, we were all growing together! In more ways than one.

When you tune into the elements of the earth on a daily basis something happens to you. Your senses kick in, you hear the bird songs clearer, you notice the change in the wind, the change in tides, you slow down, you take your time, you listen. And slowly over time, the part of you that remembers what it's like to live in harmony with the earth, begins to surface. And so now we cultivate a new being.



1. WALK BAREFOOT - In your yard, park or the beach, connect the soles of your feet to the soil. Research shows that walking barefoot, aka grounding or earthing, neutralizes free radicals, improves sleep, pain management, immunity and more!

2. SUNBATHE - Allow the rays of the sun to wash over your body. You can even do it inside of your home. Find the spot where the rays of the sun shine brightest and lay down a towel or blanket and soak up those rays in the comfort of your home. The benefits include reduced depression, better sleep, stronger bones, boosted immune system and more!

3. STAR GAZE - Take some time to look up at the stars and the moon. On a clear night, put a blanket outside and count the stars! Allow yourself to drift off and be inspired by the vastness of the universe. The benefits include clearer thoughts, alleviation of stress, increased happiness, and it fosters inspiration and imagination.

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