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Sacred Earth

Updated: Oct 8, 2022

As Summer is transitioning into Fall, I find myself in a space of deep reflection. A slowed down pace where I can reflect and embrace all that this Summer season has shown me.

Soon after the Summer Solstice we gathered on Sapelo Island for our first Sacred Earth Retreat of the year.

We had a wonderful time exploring Sapelo Island, frolicking in the ocean, gazing at the stars and walking the land learning about different herbs with our Brother Baba SOL

Our Sacred Earth Retreats were birthed from a deep reverence for the earth and a knowing of the healing that comes from spending time in nature. I have been and continue to be on the receiving side of that healing because I choose to spend an abundance of time with her. And I invite you to do the same. Some simple things that you can do to connect with our Earth and her elements are:

  1. Ground yourself to the earth sole to soil (get barefoot my dears)

  2. Watch the Sunrise a few days out of the week and then watch it Set

  3. Eat lots and lots of fruit, it does the body so good!

  4. Get to the ocean and frolic!

After the retreat I had a couple of weeks for deep rest and stillness. I found myself at the water daily to watch the sun rise and to walk and explore parts of the beach that I normally don't go to. I spent hours in communion with my own soul and in complete awe of the beauty of this island that I get to call home. Sapelo Island has been a healing balm for my entire being, and the more that I settle in, the more of its magic this island reveals.

There's this quote of mine "Everyday is magical" that I live by. I know that I am a co-creator with the divine Creator in this thing called life. And as a co-creator it is my duty to myself to cultivate magical moments for myself. ✨✨✨ And once again, I invite you to do the same. If you are looking to engage with the earth in a deeper way and want to explore Sapelo Island with me for your own private retreat, click here

My theme for this Summer has been surrender. And in that sweet surrender has come clarity and peace. I give thanks to the Most High Creator for grace and mercy. I give thanks to my divine ancestors for their inspiration and protection as I move through creation. I give thanks to the divine Mother Earth for holding her daughter in all ways.🌿🌿🌿

"With desire, dedication, and perseverance, the vision you see will become what can be." WOWISMS - Words of Wisdom for Dreamers and Doers

Cheers to a summer of love......self Love that is! And we look forward to what this fall has to offer.

We will be traveling to the mystic city of Atlantis on September 23rd for a Fall Equinox Ethiopian Feast at Oyun Botanical Garden. The evening is guaranteed to be a feast for all of your senses as we align our hearts and minds and tune into this new season. You're invited to join us here.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog. We'll be sharing more of our story with you here.

Cheers for now!

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