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Medicine Making Class

Join us for part 1 of a four part series on creating your own plant medicines for your home apothecary

November 12th 2022 10am - 4pm Sapelo Island, Ga $100

Join us on beautiful Sapelo Island for a hands on class as we learn how to make herbal infused oils and salves for skin and hair health. You will leave this intimate class with your own body oil and salve crafted by your hands using the herbs that call to you. The cost for this class is $100, cashapp $MysticRoots (you'll see a pink rose) please put email address in the notes. Fee covers materials and a light lunch.

Benefits of herbal infused oils and salves

There are many wonderful benefits to infused oils for our skin health. Such as:

- Reducing bacterial and fungal infections, eczema, acne and other related skin issues

-Relieves anxiety and calms the nervous system when used as a massage oil, which also promotes the release and removal of metabolic waste products through lymphatic stimulation

-Assists with chronic pain and inflammation from conditions such as arthritis, endometriosis, migraines and many others

-Offers a form of aromatherapy through the use of aromatic herbs and essential oils

Herbal medicine making

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